Sigmund Thun Gorge

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Summer in Kaprun

More than 30 metres deep and 320 metres long, the Kapruner Ache river has 'cut' your path through the Kaprun valley here.

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Truly, when the talk is of cutting here it really is very good. Released from the glaciers high above the Kapruner valley, the Kapruner Ache river channels its way unstoppably towards the valley. Escarpments and differences in altitude allow it to pick up speed, generating pure force as it does. You do not want to get in the way of this force. Nor do rocks and stones. It is with this force that the Kapruner Ache river created the Sigmund Thun Gorge just outside the village of Kaprun. It has carved the gorge out of the rock, creating striking smoothing of the rocks, forming potholes and craters. This process continues today, documenting the latest section of the formation history of the Kaprun valley.

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